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Media Relations

Due to my journalism experience, I know how to create and pitch newsworthy content to my colleague journalists to secure media coverage as a member of the communications or press team of an organization. These three links are examples of media coverage I recently secured for Habitat for Humanity, Greater Cleveland, on ABC News 5, Fox 8 News, and Spectrum News 1.


This video sample was created for Yehsivat Maharat, a Jewish non-profit organization and Rabbinical school. On short notice, I quickly developed a script and a storyboard to successfully create a video highlighting a day in the life of a student in their institution. I made sure to include subtitles for viewers who may have hearing difficulties or viewers who may prefer to watch the video without sound:

Internal Communications

In addition to external communications, I also create internal communications material to ensure that each department is adequately informed about all activities. This is an example of an instructional video I created to guide current employees and new hires on the step-by-step process of how we use the Zoom phone functionality at Habitat for Humanity, Greater Cleveland.:

Policy Analysis

This is an example of how I simplify complex policy issues to the average media consumer. This is an explainer video highlighting the basic facts about Roe v Wade:


This is an example of a podcast I produced and edited:

Social Media/Press Releases/Graphic Design/ Photography

Please see examples of social media accounts I have worked on:

Click here to see a sample of an annual report I designed for printing.

Please contact me if you need more samples of my press releases/social media posts/campaigns, graphic design content, and photography/videography.

Unique Presentation Methods 

If you were to make a presentation to a client or customer, would you consider using such animated graphics with your voice explaining the contents of the slide like how I made this video? Or would you use the traditional PowerPoint presentation where you show the slide with still images and stand before your audience to explain each slide? With the traditional presentation, your audience may be distracted by taking glances at you while you explain the slides, and also take glances at the slides to get some information. But with the method shown in this video, your audience only focuses on the screen, while hearing your voice, and seeing animated, interactive graphics moving on the screen to grab their attention. At the end of such a presentation, you just stand before your audience to answer any questions. What do you think? Traditional presentation? Or interactive graphics with voiceover?

See sample for reference: (Note: This is just a sample that was made using an automated voice for illustrative purposes. Real-life samples with real voices I have made can not be shared publicly due to the content in those company presentations).

Wrting Samples
Internal Communications
Policy Analysis
Podcast Sampls
Other Samples
Media Relations
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