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Hello future colleague! 👋  When can I start work?


This video sample was created for an institution that is both a non-profit organization and a Rabbinical school. On short notice, I quickly developed a script and a storyboard to successfully create a video highlighting a day in the life of a student in their institution. I made sure to include subtitles for viewers who either cannot hear or viewers who may prefer to watch the video without sound:

Internal Communications

In addition to external communications, I also create internal communications material. This is an example of an instructional video I created to guide current employees and new hires on the step-by-step process of how we use the Zoom phone functionality at my current job:

Policy Analysis

This is an example of how I simplify complex policy issues to the average media consumer. This is an explainer video highlighting the basic facts about Roe v Wade:


This is an example of a podcast I produced and edited for Rabbi:

Social Media/Graphic Design/ Photography

Click here to see a sample of a recent annual report I designed for printing.

Click here to see a sample of a recent graduation program I designed for printing.

Please see examples of social media accounts I have worked on:

Please contact me if you need samples of my social media posts/campaigns, graphic design content, and photography.

Wrting Saples
Internal Communications
Policy Analysis
Podcast Sampls
Other Samples
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