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WEBOX Will Stun Dubai With Their Empowerment & Development Tools This November.

Due to high interest and demand, WEBOX is moving all the way from the UK to Dubai to give companies a glimpse of their unique services on November 1st, 2018, at the Real Boxing Only Gym in Dubai.

Click here to register for their 2-hour workshop from 4 to 6pm or their 1-hour workout from 6 to 7pm. Members of the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) will also be entitled to special rates.

I wrote an extensive article on the full range of services offered by this London-based company. For readers that have not yet seen that article, let me just give brief introduction of WEBOX.

They are a company that uses innovative result-oriented techniques by combining boxing, breathe, and other exciting methods to support employees on personal health and well-being.

Their services are in tandem with three of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being); SDG 5 (Gender Equality); and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

Coincidentally, the founders of WEBOX portray these SGD's. They are women who have taken on a male-dominated sport (SDG 5); they look healthy and athletic (SDG 3); and they are from different racial backgrounds but they work as united as sisters (SDG 10).

From left: Els Kolster, ex-Googler & corporate athlete; Lesley Sackey, former female GB boxer & gold medallist. Having been inspired by the Emirati Women's Day back in August this year, they decided to take their unique WEBOX services to Dubai, where they will mainly focus on gender equality.

It is no news that the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, was one of the leading figures in the Middle East to advocate for women's rights and gender equality even before other countries in the region followed suite.

That is why females in the UAE seem more empowered than their counterparts in the Middle East. Unlike other countries within the region, it is common to see female taxi drivers in Dubai, females receiving equal pay as men, females having equal access to education, and so much more.

Thus, WEBOX aims to complement these efforts with their women empowerment and personal development tools through their workshops, workouts, and seminars. They also plan to achieve this by using another novel technique.

Aside their usual methods of promoting gender equality, they are going to have a Women Only Networking event, where they will use boxing as a tool to network. They believe that sport is a universal language which helps to bring people together, and is a powerful tool that not only helps achieve a healthier lifestyle but encourages people to collaborate and contribute more at work.

They want to prove that women can support each other and use sports (boxing in this instance) to build relationships and extend their networks. As an advocate of gender equality myself, I admire WEBOX's thorough understanding on equality.

Unlike some 'experts' who have misconstrued the meaning of gender equality and have veered away from its true meaning, WEBOX view themselves as an empowerment tool of the recovery process for women who are affected by violence or social exclusion to find their potential.

They also help women rebuild their resilience to make their own choices, and to understand their own foundation, core values and personal power.

Simply put, they believe that gender equality is about equal opportunities for all genders in all facets of life such as; equal pay, equal access to education, and an equal feeling of self-worth where no gender feels they have more privileges than the other.

One of their mixed empowerment sessions in the UK.

The picture above shows their true understanding of gender equality. However, they have customised this women empowerment programme specifically for Dubai, to complement the efforts the UAE government is making towards gender equality.

Overall, they want to empower women in every organisation in Dubai and equip them with the tools to be their own champion; to connect and identify each other’s strengths, values and purpose; to create an active and supportive internal network; and to build stronger connections with external partners while doing sports.

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