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WEBOX has Become the Linchpin of Employee Support in the UK.

Founded in 2016, WEBOX has steadily become one of UK's leading companies that have used unconventional methods to achieve higher levels of diversity and inclusion at workplaces, as well as promoting employee health and well-being in companies across the UK.

Their methods may seem unconventional because they do not provide the age-old services such as counselling or therapy in an office, where employees seek consultation by sitting down face-to-face to discuss work-related stresses.

However, this London-based company uses innovative result-oriented techniques by combining boxing, breathe, and other exciting methods to support employees on personal health and well-being. Their practical approach to addressing gender and racial equality highlights the true meaning of equality in the 21st century.

Their workshops, seminars, and workouts have empowered both young and old employees to be their own champion, and motivated company staff to work like a team of champions. Their networking events have also motivated employees to use sports as a tool to grow their careers by applying the same zeal during workouts at their workplaces.

It is no surprise that their multifaceted techniques have earned them many clients.

A few of their 50+ clients they've dealt with since 2016.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), you will realise that their services are in tandem with three SDG's. SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being); SDG 5 (Gender Equality); and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

Most readers may be quick to assume that it may be a male-dominated organisation, because I stressed on sports in their techniques. Ironically, this group was formed by two females who embody the ethos of their company.

Coincidentally, the founders of WEBOX portray the aforementioned SGD's. They are women who have taken on a male-dominated sport (SDG 5); they look healthy and athletic (SDG 3); and they are from different racial backgrounds but they work as united as sisters (SDG 10).

From left: Els Kolster, ex-Googler & corporate athlete; Lesley Sackey, former female GB boxer & gold medallist.

I have always opined that companies founded by people of different nationalities or racial backgrounds are likely to succeed because they combine their various life experiences, and look at things from different points of view.

To add to their diversity, their previous careers are a combination of totally different backgrounds. As a former corporate woman, Els Kolster brings her competitive traits from the corporate world, and Lesley Sackey adds her competitive traits of being a former GB boxer, giving them a more solid foundation.

Their evident success seems to be the reason why they are expanding their services in 2018, where they will be in Dubai, UAE, on the 1st of November. Read my article on WEBOX in Dubai to find out what they are going to do there.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts to see more.

Alternatively, contact them to try their services.

Below are their contact details:

Tel: +44 758 420 5371

Visit their website or send them an email for more information.

Click here to see their location in London, United Kingdom.

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