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UAE Students Can Be More Confident of Employment & Discounts - Under 1 Condition.

In an era where most students are glued to their app-laden phones, there is always a high probability for them to check social media notifications during a lecture, and possibly get distracted by replying to these messages. Students who also brazenly watch videos on their phones during class make the situation even worse.

However, Lock&Stock has found a novel way of curbing this problem in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Unlike giving a boring talk or the age-old counselling sessions to dissuade students from using phones in class, they have come up with an exciting way to make students lock their phones during lectures.

Launched in October 2017, Lock&Stock is a free mobile app that rewards students in the UAE for not using their phones in class. Students collect points for the time their phones are locked during lectures, and use these points to redeem attractive discounts and offers from their 300+ brand partners in the F&B, Retail and Online, Leisure and Outdoors, and Health and Wellness sectors.

With their partners across the UAE such as Forever 21, Nandos, London Fish and Chips, Newyorkfries, Novo Cinemas, VOX Cinemas, Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World, and more; students see it as a win-win by just installing Lock&Stock on their phones and putting their phones away during class to get attractive discounts and offers for their favourite stores and restaurants.

Furthermore, students can use the points they accumulate from their 'good deed' of paying attention in class to apply for over 50 different jobs and internships at organisations within the country.

Companies that are looking to hire student interns, promoters or even fresh graduates can post as many available jobs or internships on the Lock&Stock application for free. They can do so by visiting Lock&Stock's website.

For an app that was only launched towards the end of 2017, their 16,000+ registered students shows it's steady but promising rise. It is not surprising that more than 300 companies have decided to partner with this innovative mobile application.

Lock&Stock is one of those applications that is bound to succeed in the UAE. There is no better way to make students to pay attention in class than to give them rewards for doing so.

With all the fancy and attractive places in Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this mobile app is here to stay. Which student won't sacrifice a few hours away from his/her phone to get discounts for lunch time or to get higher chances of getting internships or jobs?

Lock&Stock is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to know more.

Below are their contact details:

Tel: +971 507878651 / +971 528525953

Visit their website or send them an email ( for more information.

Have you ever used this mobile app before? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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