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UAE's No.1 Rising Paper Florist Has a Point to Prove.

As a small-scale company that started in 2018, Vibrant Petals is one of those companies that event planners, companies, and individuals need to start hiring before they become one of UAE's leading paper florists charging big bucks for their services.

At the rate they are growing, this Sharjah-based company will be a force to reckon with in the floral industry. Interestingly, they have changed my perception of paper flowers. Most of the one's I've seen before theirs, either look like paper at first sight or do not have that realistic look of a flower.

However, Vibrant Petals use innovative and customised paper flower designs to create that authentic look of a freshly-pluck flower. You only get to know it is made of paper when you hold it. They also use high-quality card stock paper to create these stunning flowers.

Because of the quality of the paper they use, their clients get to re-use their paper flowers because they do not get torn apart easily.

Their vibrant range of colours and sizes have rapidly earned them a lot of clients since their inception in 2018. For a nascent paper flower company, their clients seem to be more than that of their competitors.

When discussing products that deal with designs, pictures say more than the words in the article. Below are a few unedited pictures of their works.

They also provide decorative services for all kinds of events such as; weddings, birthday parties, and so much more. Additionally, they can deliver their paper flowers anywhere in the UAE.

Aside their budget-friendly products, their charge for delivery is very affordable. Considering the fact that they bring it directly to your doorstep, their product price+delivery charge is definitely a bargain.

Check out their Facebook page to see more.

Alternatively, contact them on +971504028747 or send them an email to try their products.

Have you ever used their products? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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