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Hmakesbags Dubai Is Saving The Planet One Bag At A Time.

Generous individuals usually have a penchant for donating old clothing and fabrics to charitable causes. However, there are many instances where some of these items are somewhat unsuitable for donation. Thus, some of these items end up in landfills and water bodies because people may not know appropriate disposal methods, or may not be aware of innovative ways to re-use these seemingly unusable items. Nevertheless, Hmakesbags is one those companies reducing waste by converting such materials into bags.

Founded in 2014, Hmakesbags was setup with the sole aim of using upcycled and vintage fabric to create unique handbags, messengers, totes, purses, and other types of bags. These bags are mostly designed freehand and stitched by a businesswoman who is seeking to make an environmental impact with her business.

Additionally, she uses old jewellery on some of her merchandise to create distinctive designs. Hmakesbags also takes custom orders which usually takes less than two weeks to complete. So if you would like to turn a memory article of clothing or a loved fabric into a bag, Hmakesbags can make that dream come true. Interestingly, all these bags can be hand-washed, and many are machine washable depending on the fabric and adornments.

When discussing products that deal with designs, pictures say more than the words in the article. Below are a few pictures of Hmakebags' products:

These pictures clearly show that Hmakesbags can make bags from virtually any material. These unique designs will definitely make you standout from the crowd. That is why they want bag owners to "dare to be different" with their products.

Hmakesbags believes that there are small steps an individual can take in reducing wastage and promoting sustainability. This is why they are using their bags to "save the planet one bag at a time".

Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more.

Alternatively, contact them to purchase some of their unique hand-made bags.

Below are their contact details:

Tel: +971 50 317 7075

Visit their website or send them an email for more information.

Click here to see their Google Maps location at ARTE markets in Time Square Center Dubai, where they are located on the on the second and fourth Friday of every month.

Have you ever tried their products? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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