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Green Touches is Redefining Sustainable Green Cleaning in The Middle East.

Over the years, some people have blurred the distinction between a clean environment and a sustainable environment. The fact that a cleaning product may have anti-bacterial properties does not necessarily mean that killing bacteria and leaving a clean environment promotes sustainability.

Unfortunately, since there are no legal requirements for manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose their ingredients in some countries, some of these products contain toxic chemicals that have damning consequences on the environment.

However, companies like Green Touches seek to make a difference by promoting a sustainable planet in the cleaning process.

Founded in 2015, Green Touches was born out of a mission and vision to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in commercial and domestic cleaning, thereby creating a healthy living and working environment to pass on a sustainable and viable planet to future generations.

This Dubai-based company has embarked on a rare business model of putting health before profit, and being disruptors for change within the Facility Management industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the wider Middle Eastern region. They also incorporate the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their business strategy, which have become an integral part of Green Touches.

Their unique services include, Ecological cleaning and Ecological consultancy. In addition to their sustainable green cleaning services, they have a range of eco-friendly products that have a minimal effect on the environment and health. Below are a few of the eco-friendly products they use in their services:

Furthermore, the CleanCore Technology Aqueous Ozone (O3) machines used by Green Touches promotes zero waste to landfill and zero pollution to our waters. As difficult as it sounds, Green Touches aim to take on the arduous task of mimicking nature by avoiding waste in their practices. Their business module is gradually encouraging companies to follow sustainable practices, that is why they confidently stick to their motto, "If you don’t go green, we won’t clean".

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to see more.

Alternatively, contact them to try out their services.

Below are their contact details:

Tel: +971 4 3880355 / +971 501611832

Visit their website or send them an email to know more.

Click here to see their location on Google Maps in The Sustainable City, Dubai, UAE.

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