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Ghana's 'Tenacity Clothing' is Empowering Women With Their Brand.

As one of the nascent clothing companies founded in April 2017, Tenacity ClothingGh is gradually establishing itself as one of those few clothing companies that is looking beyond the the style of a dress to achieve a vision.

This Ghanaian-based company seeks to empower women of different sizes, backgrounds, and personalities, to be confident in themselves through their wide range of versatile, stylish, but affordable African clothing.

Tenacity ClothingGh has decided to specialise in women's clothing to make sure they achieve their vision of empowering women of all ages with their unique made-to-measure clothing. Their clothing will make body-shaming comments a thing of the past.

Using the best fabric on the market, this Ghanaian-based company is gradually gaining a large customer base by carrying out the arduous task of making hand-made clothing with impeccable precision and fine finishing, while combining it with eye-catching designs.

As a proudly made-in-Ghana brand, they are taking concrete steps to make their brand go international.

When discussing products that deal with designs, pictures say more than the words in the article. Below are a few unedited pictures of their works.

These pictures clearly show that they can make dresses for any occasion. For the quality of their clothing, their prices will make you feel you had real value for money.

What makes their business process so seamless is that, you just fill an online measurement form with your details and they deliver the dress to you anywhere within the country when it is finished. They can also meet up with clients and take their measurements when necessary, especially for bridal orders.

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to see more.

Alternatively, contact them on +233 208110243 or by email to try some of their clothing.

Have you ever tried their clothing before? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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