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Getting a Taxi in Dubai.

Taxis are one of easiest and most convenient way for tourists to move around town. Every taxi is regulated by the government and is supposed to have a functioning meter.

If the taxi you take wants to charge based on negotiation and not use a meter, he could be overcharging you either because he does not want to declare his sales to his company or he may have a faulty meter. In any case, pay by the meter.

It would be advisable to check your destination on Google Maps before taking a taxi to at least have an idea of the route to your destination, so that you would know if the driver is deliberately taking a long route for the meter to accrue more kilometres.

With virtually almost all the location updated on Google Maps, you will see “This route has tolls” if your desired destination has it. In that case, it will be your choice to use that road with the Toll Gate (Salik) and pay an extra 4 dirhams per Gate, or recommend another route to the driver.

The taxi drivers are very friendly and accommodating. They will recommend the best route, but in the end it’s your call.

Taxis are normally not hard to find especially at malls or the airport. However, if you are in an area that is a bit secluded, you can call for a taxi.

Taxis can be booked for different purposes:

1. For people with special needs.

It must be reserved 24 hours in advance for all your destination needs within Dubai and anywhere in the UAE.

Customer care center: 04 208 0808.


2. Ladies and family taxi.

With its distinctive pink rooftop, this taxi is only driven by females. This spacious taxi is only meant for ladies or families.

Customer care center: 04 208 0808.


3. Limousine service.

This luxury chauffeur-driven vehicle is designed to serve the needs of ...any individual or company that can afford it.

This classy service is available from Dubai to other Emirates.

Customer care center: 04 208 0555.


4. Mashaweer.

Remember the British tourist who racked up speeding fine of about $47,000 in less than four hours after he rented a Lamborghini in Dubai in August 2018?

This service can help you avoid such a problem. This service provides fully trained drivers for a limited time period; daily, weekly, or monthly.

The interested individual or company must provide the vehicle, which should have comprehensive insurance and fuel. So you can hire your car, and they will do the driving.

Customer care center: 80088088.


5. Standard taxi

This is the standard taxi in Dubai. You can flag down the taxi by the road (at appropriate stops), find them in malls, or you can book them ahead of time.

Customer care center: 04 208 0808.


However, you need to be very wary of the ‘private taxis’ in Dubai. They normally use Lexus cars and don’t have a specific uniform. For a journey that would have cost about 25 dirham by standard taxi, the ‘private taxis’ would charge 60 dirhams.


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