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EVERA Seeks to Revolutionise UAE's Transport Sector.

Despite the flawless transport system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a tendency for some people to forget the environmental impact of these modes of transport. As a result, some auto companies still promote Eco-unfriendly cars. However, companies like EVERA are taking steps to change this.

Founded in 2017, Electric Vehicles for Environmental Regenerative Action (EVERA) seeks to revolutionise the transport sector away from personal vehicles to shared, renewable-energy, powered sustainable electric mobility. The also seek to generate ethical, moral, financially sustainable and responsibly-sourced profit. They prefer to use the term 'sustainamobility' in their operations, which includes sustainability, mobility, regeneration, community engagement, social and environmental responsibility.

EVERA's modus operandi revolves mainly around three of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). They are: SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and SDG 13 (Climate Action).

With regard to SDG 11, they are seeking to build a community through their Electric Vehicle Expeditions that allow people to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, to really understand the benefits as well as the challenges related to it's ownership over a number of days, while participating in team building activities with like-minded, environmentally conscious individuals. EVERA is also finding ways to connect cities together and creating awareness on how companies can operate, monitor, and charge electric vehicles.

Concerning their efforts at promoting SDG12, they are teaching people how to drive slowly during their Electric Vehicle Expeditions. They do this to teach people how to be energy efficient. Furthermore, EVERA strongly encourages individuals to consider their consumption of plastics, and try to not only reduce, but to refuse to partake in the consumption of plastics.

Additionally, they are making a headway in achieving SDG 13. Even though electric vehicles are technically not more sustainable than petrol vehicles in the UAE due to the fossil fuel-heavy grid, EVERA has seen the potential for integrating more renewables into vehicles in the future. They are also considering a 100% renewable energy powered, hydrogen production and filling station infrastructure for Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Electric Vehicles (HFCEV’s) to be used in taxi duty.

These are a few of EVERA's sponsors that are supporting their efforts toward sustainability.

Furthermore, one of the key elements that EVERA inculcates in it's ethos is working with people, including those that work with their organisation, their clients, stakeholders, and the larger community. They are also trying to have more women involved in sustainability and in the use of electric vehicles. They also have community meetups, talks, and workshops that explore sustainability and how it relates to electric vehicles.

This is how they are promoting gender equality in their busoness.

These are some of their community meetups.

These are one of their many efforts in their campaign against plastic use.

These are a few ways they merge sustainability with business by printing their business cards on waste paper.

Currently, they are working on providing updated electric vehicle charging station information to facilitate a faster uptake of electric vehicles in the Middle East. They are also working to increase the number of electrical vehicles in commercial fleets like Emaar Hospitality, as they have a commitment to Expo 2020 to have electric vehicles as part of their fleet. They are also working on a battery swapping project for Tesla fleet. They are also working on car electrification with a UAE car manufacturer called Jannerelly.

EVERA is one of those promising companies with solid plans and ambitions that give other sustainable businesses hope. If I were to write their plans for the coming years, you may not be able to finish reading this article.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about EVERA.

Alternatively, contact them to get involved with them.

Below are their contact details:

Tel: +971 556 793 682 / +971 4 370 6036

Visit their website or send them an email to know more.

Click here to see their location on Google Maps in Al Jadaf, Dubai, UAE.

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