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Dubai's One-Stop Shop For Authentic Spices - The Spice Route.

Even though Peace of Bake is known for its unique artisanal cakes and desserts, it has created a range of authentic spice and bake mixes that will soon be a household name among UAE residents.

Launched in 2017, The Spice Route, a subsidiary of Peace of Bake, is a handcrafted range of authentic spice and nut mixes made locally with ingredients that are as well-travelled as the maritime voyagers from centuries ago.

The Spice Route grew out of the need to create authentic gourmet dishes from around the world in a quick, easy, and economical way.

The flavours of these mixes are inspired by the traditional spice routes that spanned the Far East, traversed North Africa, and eventually reached the shores of Europe.

Their current range includes, Provencal – Herb Mix; Sichuan – Chinese 5 Spice Blend; Dukkah – Middle Eastern Nut and Spice Mix; Haldi – Turmeric Latte Mix; as well as seasonal specials like Autumn - Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix, and Gingerbread – Christmas Spice Mix.

Below are some their products:

Click here to see the section of their website for The Spice Route customers to share their recipes and build a community of flavoursome food inspiration.

Alternatively, contact them to purchase some of their products.

Below are their contact details:

Visit their website or send them an email for more information.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more.

Click here to see their Google Maps location at ARTE markets in Time Square Center Dubai, where they are located on the second and fourth Friday of every month.

Have you ever tried their products? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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