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Do Not Take These Medicines/Drugs To The UAE – Even If It Is Legal In Your Country.

Due to the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) zero-tolerance on illegal drugs, immigration officials conduct thorough searches at airports using highly sensitive equipment.

Possession of minute amounts of illegal drugs has resulted in the imprisonment of travellers entering or transiting the UAE.

As a result, the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the UAE released an extensive document called 'Guidelines for Carrying of Personal Medicines With Travelers into the United Arab Emirates', to educate travellers on the kind of medications a person can have on them when entering or transiting the UAE.

However, you can carry a maximum of 90 days supply of medication for your personal use. Make sure to include an original prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

These medications should be in its original packaging, and not expired. No psychotropic medicines are allowed without prior approval from the UAE authorities.

Below are screenshots of the list of drugs in the MOH document which cannot be brought into Dubai, or must require prior approval:

To be on the safe side, contact the Narcotic and Psychotropic Control Section, Registration and Drug Control Department, Ministry of Health, UAE:

Tel: +97126117505/6117354

Fax +97126313742

In any case, you can download the entire MOH document here to read at your convenience.


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