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Coco Veda's Modus Operandi Portrays the Ethos of a Real Social Enterprise.

Sporadically, consumers doubt the authenticity of products that are labelled as organic. The fact that a product is organic does not necessarily mean it is manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet its purpose and effectiveness.

However, Coco Veda is one of the few companies whose modus operandi have proven that it is possible to use sustainable techniques while doing business.

Founded in the Philippines in 2015, Coco Veda does not only see itself as a company, but a socially sustainable enterprise development initiative with a strong ethical value system focused on having a sustainable impact in the lives of coconut farmers, Women Community, consumers and the coconut industry.

Currently, this Philippine-based company is one of the most promising early-stage startup companies in the coconut industry, trying to build their international footprint as a social enterprise by conducting business in tandem with UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Coco Veda's main focus seems to be on the long-term positive impact they have on people as well as the environment, and being known for their ethical and sustainable practices.

All their products are meticulously handcrafted by members from the Women's Community in the Philippines. Their products are bottled and labelled by hand, and their Cold-Processed virgin coconut oil is filtered manually without heat. Furthermore, quality control checks are done for every new batch of production.

For a nascent company that started only three years ago, they have outdone themselves by being the only producer in the coconut industry with 100+ coconut-based handmade products which focus on natural health, wellness and green living. Their close ties with Philippines Coconut Authority-approved farmer cooperatives have guaranteed the quality of their products.

Their range of products include functional foods, personal skin care, wellness oils and balms, pet care, essential oils, and much more. Below are just a few examples of their products:

Most people hastily assume that pure unadulterated organic products cost an arm and a leg. However, Coco Veda is one of the most affordable purely organic coconut-based products across the globe.

As a nascent company emanating in the Philippines, with its presence in four other countries, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines regularly invites them to international trade shows to gain more exposure.

For those who judge a purely organic company's authenticity by their certifications, please take a look at their certifications below:

Furthermore, their unflinching commitment to conducting their business in line with the UN's SDG's has not gone unnoticed. They were recently featured by the UN as one of the sustainable companies promoting growth for people and the planet. Additionally, they were recently featured on Bloomberg TV Philippines as one of the innovative companies pursuing sustainable business that can make a positive social impact.

In their continued efforts towards sustainability, they are always seeking to organise events in support of the UN's SDG's. One of such events will take place in Dubai on 24th April, 2019. Click here to see what they will be doing.

Check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to know more about Coco Veda or visit their website.

For those who are familiar with UN's 17 SDG's, watch their 3-minute social impact video to see how Coco Veda actively supports SDG 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 17.

For more information about the company please watch this 5-minute video.

Below are the contact details:

UAE: Call +971 52 861 0644 or send them an email.

Philippines: Call +632 738 5990/+63917 712 5579 or send them an email.

Have you ever used their products? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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