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Canada's 'FREDsense' Has Made Water Quality Analysis Easier.

When companies want to conduct water chemistry analysis for regulatory compliance, treatment, or other purposes, they are used to the age-old laboratory analysis which can take days; delaying decision-making on-site. Even though people tend to believe such laborious processes are more thorough when conducted over a few days, FRED (Field Ready Electrochemical Detector®) has shown that it is possible to achieve this analysis within an hour!

Founded in 2014, FREDsense Technologies is a biosensor company commercialising fast, portable and cost-effective chemical sensors for industrial markets. Their aim is to move chemical analysis from slow, expensive, centralised laboratories directly to your site, providing actionable information in minutes instead of days.

This Canadian-based company have come up with a novel idea of combining biology and engineering, to detect chemicals in water with their portable field kits which require no specialised training to use.

Their ingenious idea was meant to make users spend less time analysing their water quality information, and dedicate precious time to focus on making active decisions affecting their infrastructure.

The Field Ready Electrochemical Detector® (FRED) is designed to provide fast and sensitive on-site measurement of chemicals in water, achieving trace detection of select chemicals (down to 1 ug/L - ppb). FRED can measure biologically-active chemicals such as metals, organics, trace chemicals, and much more. FRED can also be customised for your chemical of interest.

The premier reason why companies choose FRED is because it only requires 1 hour measurement to trace level of detection. Additionally, FRED is modular that allows for sensors to be developed for any compound of interest to several industries. Furthermore, FRED uses a Dip-Stick-Report, meaning no complicated procedures or toxic chemicals involved in the process.

One would expect the team behind this novel idea to be versatile. Rightly so! FREDsense has a passionate team of professionals including an award-winning team of synthetic biologists, engineers, electrochemists and hardware specialists. They also have a team of global award-winning advisors with 100+ years of experience with multiple business plan awards, and featured in media outlets such as Tech Crunch and Entrepreneur. org.

This well-equipped team of synthetic biologists, electrochemists and engineers, have experience in developing custom organisms for the rapid detection of chemicals within any industry.

They use various genetic approaches to design micro-organisms which detect your chemical. This is integrated into their proprietary hardware system to provide accurate, field-ready and easy to use detectors that work with your existing operations and infrastructure.

This is just an illustration of how FRED works.

These are just a few of their customers and partners.

The thing that fascinates me about this company the most is that, they describe themselves as an early stage venture. I wonder what they have in store in the near future!

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Below are their contact details:

Tel: +011 587 227 0540

Visit their website or send them an email for more information.

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