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Businesses and Individuals in The UAE Can Now Get Affordable Legal Services.

With regard to legal issues, there are many individuals and businesses that are not sure of the kind of legal assistance they need. Furthermore, people have to endure the laborious task of emailing back and forth with different law firms to get multiple quotes; which may take weeks. Finally, clients often get headaches from the inflated legal fees quoted by some lawyers/law firms. However, Legalintro has found the solution to the aforementioned problems.

Founded in 2017, Legalintro is an online legal marketplace that matches users that have legal requirements with the right lawyers for them. The platform enables users to obtain multiple fee quotes from top tier lawyers for any legal matter in the UAE. With the great lawyers assembled on Legalintro's platform, you can obtain multiple fee quotes from them at competitive rates within 48 hours and hire the lawyer of your choice.

Once you receive a fee quote, you can review the lawyer's profile (including expertise area and employment history), send messages and schedule free clarification calls prior to hiring a lawyer. The fact that it's an online marketplace does not mean that any lawyer can just join the platform.

The CEO of Legalintro, with his team of legal experts, personally select and screen the law firms and lawyers before allowing them to join their platform. Additionally, they continuously monitor lawyers’ performance and seek feedback from their clients to ensure that lawyers maintain the highest standards of service.

They also rate their lawyers based on experience, responsiveness, client feedback, and social responsibility. With the high level of competition within the legal field in the UAE, Legalintro is taking these meticulous steps to ensure that clients get the best value for money when it comes to obtaining professional legal assistance. Confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost important to Legalintro when it comes to a user’s legal matter.

As a user, you can sign up and benefit from a secure client dashboard that enables you to exchange with your lawyer directly and that keeps all of your documents safe, organised, and accessible in one place.

In addition to their main "request free quotes" service which can be used by both businesses and individuals to inquire about the fees for any legal matter, they also have "Call a lawyer" service.

For urgent legal inquiries that require talking to a lawyer immediately, you can use their unique "Call a lawyer" service to schedule a call with a specialised lawyer at fixed prices (based on the duration of the call) to obtain initial legal advice.

For business clients that need continuous legal support, Legalintro can help define their requirement and provide lawyers that will work for them on a dedicated part-time basis (usually with an average of 15 years of legal experience). These dedicated lawyers can greatly assist with reducing legal costs and streamlining legal operations of corporate clients.

If you represent a business that requires continuous legal support, send Legalintro an email for a free assessment of your legal needs by an account manager with extensive legal experience.

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Below are their contact details

Tel: +971 52 858 15 14

Visit their website or send them an email to know more.

Click here to see their location on Google Maps in Internet City, Dubai, UAE.

Are you a business or individual encountering a legal issue? Do you have a general legal topic that you would like to know more about? Please share your experience in the comments section below.


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