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5 Essential Mobile Apps Dubai Tourists Should Install

In this era of technological innovations, it is imperative for anyone visiting a foreign country to install mobile applications pertaining to their destination country.

Here are 5 mobile apps every tourist should install just after arriving in Dubai:

1. Dubai Police App

Amidst the excitement of holidays, I think it will be wise to download this app in case of any emergency. After all, no one knows when an unexpected event will occur. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If your internet is faulty, this is another way to reach emergency services:

Call 999: For emergencies (ambulance, accidents).

Call 800-4888: To report a crime.

Call 901: Non-emergencies (Complaints and suggestions, subscribing to home security surveillance, obtaining burial permission).

2. Goolge Maps

Due to Dubai's rapid technological advancements, almost every corner in Dubai is on Google Maps. You will save yourself a lot of stress during your stay in Dubai.

Most phones come with this app pre-installed. If you already have it put it on your home screen, but if you don't, download it as soon as possible.

3. XE Currency Converter & Exchange Rate Calculator

It is essential to have a currency converter to get an idea of how much you are actually spending.

Sometimes you can get lost in the holiday mood and spend outrageous amounts on some items you would have never done in your home country, just because you did not convert the price of the item in your country's currency.

Among all the currency converters, this app has the closest value of the real exchange rates like you will get at the foreign exchange counters.

4. News Apps

Khaleej Times

Gulf News

Aside the popular news apps like BBC and CNN, every tourist must know what is going on in the local scene around them in a foreign country.

Khaleej Times and Gulf News are two different news apps that have neatly categorised up-to-date information on the what is happening in Dubai and the UAE in general.

These apps can quickly inform you if there has been a major accident on a particular route, an incoming sandstorm, and other useful daily tips. At least you will know where to go and how to plan each day accordingly. You can install any of these 2 apps, or both of them to never miss any update.

5. Zomato

Foodies will love this app. One of the primary functions of this mobile app is to help you find the best food around town. Even if you would not want to use their delivery service, they give you a wide range of option by searching for food based on your location, name of restaurant, or name of cuisine.

You will surely find what you are looking for with their broad search options. Fortunately, every restaurant or cafe that pops up in this app has a mobile number you can call, as well as it's GPS location on Google Maps. They also have pictures of each restaurants menu and pictures of the food itself.

There are a lot of apps to download, but these 5 mobile apps are essential for any tourist in Dubai.


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